2017 Registration

Use the links listed at the bottom of this page to register.  You will only be able to register one camper at a time.  Begin by selecting the appropriate registration type.  It’s very important that you select the right type.  We will review this and follow up if this is incorrect.

  • First Camper – The first camper in your family (regardless of the camp)
  • Subsequent Camper- Any additional campers registered after you (or another source such as a church scholarship) has paid the First Camper rate for another member of your family.  Staff scholarships don’t qualify for having paid the First Camper Rate.
  • VM Scholarship- Campers who are children of Village Missionaries (or Pastors of churches actively participating in PSCYA)
  • First Staff Scholarship- Adults who serve a week at Junior, Middle School, or High School Camp as a counselor, kitchen staff, life guard or other full time program position are allowed to have one eligible child in their custody attend the camp they are serving in without cost. Additional children (attending the same camp they are serving in) will be allowed to attend at cost of $135.00. Register as a Subsequent Staff Scholarship.  Part time staff are not eligible for this scholarship.  If there are additional children in the family attending other camps, the first should be registered at the First Camper rate, and others at the Subsequent Camper rate.
  • Subsequent Staff Scholarship- Use this rate to register the additional children mentioned in First Staff Scholarship. Part time staff are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • Counselor in Training CIT- Youth serving in the CIT program
  • Young Adult Staff Scholarship- Young Adults who serve as full-time camp staff can attend the young adult retreat for free.
  • Married Couple Rate- Married couples attending the Young Adult Retreat save $20.  Select the Married Couple Rate when you register.

Payment is either by credit card or through your church (or in some cases another organization).  If you are paying through your church, select the invoice payment method.  Otherwise, pay in full by credit card.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions.